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WATER PARADE is a one day event of water-based performances focused on Lake Austin, within the boundaries of District 10 in Austin.  

As the name suggests, the event will be a parade: a massive civic spectacle of floats, bands, dancers, artists, and actors...  all floating in vessels in the water.  There will also be boat choreography and boat races.  Observers can enjoy the parade from the many parks and shores along the river.  

WATER PARADE is a celebration of Austin's District 10, its residents, and its green spaces.  

Where will WATER PARADE occur? 

WATER PARADE will begin and end at approximately the west and east boundaries of District 10, respectively.  The projected beginning and end points are highlighted in red below: 

Who can participate in WATER PARADE?

Anyone!  We are especially interested in featuring the residents of District 10, but this event is by no means exclusive.  We seek participants of any age, skill, or background to engage with the green spaces and waterways of District 10 in novel ways.  In particular, we are interested in finding participants who can assist with their talents in performance, or can provide boats of any size and type.

Where is District 10?  Good question!  The boundaries of District 10 are roughly MoPac (eastern boundary), the Colorado River (south) and 183 (north).

District 10 is home to The Contemporary - Laguna Gloria, Mount Bonnell, the iconic 360 Bridge (pictured above), Camp Mabry, the Asian American Cultural Center, and Jewish Community Center Austin.  District 10 is represented by Austin City Councilmember Sheri Gallo.


WATER PARADE is scheduled for October 2015.  Stay tuned for a date announcement! 

Who can I contact for more info?

You can email with any questions.



WATER PARADE is one of 10 city-wide art projects commissioned by Drawing Lines

An artist-driven, community-based public project, Drawing Lines was commissioned in response to Austin's historic political transformation. At its core, Drawing Lines is an exploratory conversation about the dynamics of place. It's a project about process that examines the role of contemporary culture in the transition and transformation of place. The project explores how art itself, as a process, can be part of the conversation about Austin’s newly restructured political system and embeds artists within the foundation of a rapidly changing, ever-evolving city. 


Work samples

here are some examples of past community-driven art projects Steve has facilitated: