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Interactive Sound Sculptures (2016-2017)

The Tubascope is a sculpture that works likes a telescope for your ears. Modeled after obsolete acoustic locators (pictured below), the Tubascope is made from reclaimed and repurposed brass instruments that have been augmented with tubing and headphones. 

The proposed Listening Scopes are the next evolution in these types of devices and will be outfitted with stronger stethoscopes and more elaborate designs.  

Designed by Steve Parker and fabricated by Steve Parker and Robert Whitehurst.

Brass and steel.  4' x 2' x 4'


The LO FI CYCLE is playable musical instrument sculpture made from a bicycle and reclaimed brass instruments.  An imagined collaboration between Marcel Duchamp, John Cage, and Frank Zappa (relevant work pictured below).  

This sample represents past work creating interactive public art.  

Designed by Steve Parker, fabricated by Robert Whitehurst.

Rubber, steel, brass, and wood.  2' x 6' x 4'