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TRAFFIC JAM is a project which creates and realizes compositions that feature an ensemble of cars, trucks, pedicabs, bicycles, and conventional instruments in live performance.  

TRAFFIC JAM was most recently presented on at Blue Starlight Drive-in as part of the 2015 Fusebox Festival. Featured artists included line upon line percussionMark McCoin, Steve Snowden, Ethan Greene, Randy Macguire, Travis Weller of the New Music Co-op, and a fleet of local pedicab drivers.

A subset of the musical compositions featured in this concert were created in a series of community workshops, beginning in February 2015.  The workshop was a partnership with Austin SoundWaves, an El Sistema-inspired program that offers free music instruction to students in east Austin.  The workshops were led by local artists and explored composition, unconventional music making, and improvisation.  In collaboration with these students, we created new compositions to be played by audience participants in their vehicles.  



  • 2016 Austin Critics' Table Award
  • "Best of Austin Award" 
  • "Top 10 Classical Music Treasures" - Austin Chronicle
  • Best of Arts in Austin 2015 - the Austin American Statesman

TRAFFIC JAM was supported by New Music USA. 

TRAFFIC JAM was sponsored and presented by the Fusebox Festival.  Fusebox champions adventurous works of art across a variety of different mediums.


This project is funded and supported in part by the City of Austin through the Economic Development Department / Cultural Arts Division believing an investment in the Arts is an investment in Austin’s future. Visit Austin at



Best of Austin Award

"Music in a traditional auditorium is well and good, but if we've learned Sone thing from Steve Parker, it's that all the world's a concert hall. His boldness and fervor inspire us and carloads of other music lovers to go off-roading with him at every opportunity. Honk if you love Steve Parker!"  Full article.

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