steve parker

composer // trombonist // curator

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A site-specific work about loss, invisibility, and memory.  For 1.5 million bats, conch shell ensemble, megaphone choir, and handmade echolocation devices.

Music for Wilderness Lake

12 trombonists, arranged around a body of water, are cued by nautical flags from a boat in the lake.  Performed at dusk and dawn. Composed by R. Murray Shafer. Featuring members of the UTSA Trombone Choir, directed by Steve Parker.


Interactive, public instrument sculpture made from a bicycle and reclaimed brass instruments.  


"The most successful new music event in the city…the combination of music and art has vaulted the series into must-see status" (Austin American Statesman)

SoundSpace is a concert series at the Blanton Museum of Art that features simultaneous, interdisciplinary performances throughout the museum's galleries.  

Founded and curated by Steve Parker.  Generously underwritten by Mike Chesser.

Austin Critics' Table Award Winner


Monumental work for 80 trombones, organ, and sopranino by Henry Brant. Featuring the trombone studios of UTSA, UT Austin, and Texas State.  Produced by Steve Parker.

Recycled Sounds

Interactive, public instrument sculptures made from reclaimed materials installed in the Austin City Hall parking garage.