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A Bicycle Built for Tunes

"Leave it to the musical mastermind behind the award-winning Traffic Jam concert, which included compositions for an orchestra of car horns, trombones and pedicabs, and upside-down bicycles, to exploit more of the musical potential in the humble two-wheeler."

Austin Chronicle: Best of Austin Award

"Music in a traditional auditorium is well and good, but if we've learned one thing from Steve Parker, it's that all the world's a concert hall. His boldness and fervor inspire us and carloads of other music lovers to go off-roading with him at every opportunity. Honk if you love Steve Parker!"  Full article.

The New York Times

"There was only one problem with Steven Parker's wonderful performance of "Sequenza V": a sorry lack of clown shoes."

Full review here.

The Texas Standard: The Austin Artist Turning Traffic into Music -Luke Quinton

Is there any beauty in this commuting nightmare? Listen here for the stunning conclusion!

Austin American Statesman 
Recycled Sounds

Musician’s project invites people to play music in City Hall parking garage

Austin Chronicle 
SoundSpace: Downtown NYC 1960

Blanton Museum's music series turns the clock back to minimalism's early days in Manhattan.

The Austin Chronicle

Top 10 Classical Music and Dance Treasures of 2015 - Robert Faires

Original score for Ballet Austin's Season of Innocence and TRAFFIC JAM.

The Austin American-Statesman

Best of Austin arts in 2015: The fresh and forward thinking - Jeanne Claire van Ryzin


Austin Chronicle: Symphony No. I-35 -Natalie Zeldin

"Finally, a traffic jam we can enjoy." Full article.

KLRU Arts in Context
Music for Wilderness Lake

Documentary short of our project for 12 trombones, arranged around a lake, and conducted via canoe. 

Austin 360 
Recycled Sounds video

Recycled Sounds resound in Austin City Hall parking garage 

Austin American Statesman