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The Tubascope is a sculpture that works likes a telescope for your ears.  

Modeled after obsolete WWII acoustic locators, the Tubascope is made from reclaimed and repurposed brass instruments that have been augmented with tubing and headphones.  When used, the Tubascope helps a person focus their listening on specific, far away sounds that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.  

Installed at the Austin Science and Nature Center with a published brochure of listening games for kids (think Pauline Oliveros meets Shel Silverstein).


A musical composition made from reclaimed brass, Arduino, and static electricity.  

For the The Contemporary Austin 2017 Crit Group Show at grayDUCK gallery, curated by Annette DiMeo Carlozzi, Sterling Allen and Andrea Mellard.


A ritual performance that examines how living creatures navigate space and memory using sound.  

Featuring a live audio feed of 1.5 million Mexican Free-Tailed bats (who live under the Congress Street bridge), a conch shell ensemble, a community megaphone choir, garden hose consort, and handmade echolocation devices, modeled after Alvin Lucier's SONDOLS.  

Featured at the Fusebox Festival.


A playable musical instrument sculpture made from a bicycle and reclaimed brass instruments.  An imagined collaboration between Marcel Duchamp, John Cage, and Frank Zappa.  
Featured in a series of performances featuring Thor Harris, Henna Chou, Alex Keller, Brent Baldwin, and Panoramic Voices.


A project featuring Austin's most abundant (and controversial) commodity: transportation gridlock.  New works for ensembles of 80 carhorns, bicycles, pedicabs, and automobiles, performed in a parking lot.

Featuring UTSA Trombone Choir, Mark McCoin, Randy Maguire, line upon line percussion, Travis Weller, Ethan GreeneSteve Snowden, and Austin Soundwaves.

Recycled Sounds

Musical instrument sculptures made from reclaimed materials installed in the Austin City Hall parking garage.  

Made over a series of public workshops in collaboration with Austin SoundWaves and artists Jebney Lewis and Travis Weller, as a part of the Fusebox Festival.


SoundAtlas is your own radio station that realizes a composition in real time, based on your GPS coordinates.  Available via free iPhone app Soundyarn, the soundtrack reacts to the user's movement and location.  Created in collaboration with Austin District 10 residents.

For Drawing Lines, an exploratory conversation about the dynamics of place. An artist-driven, community-based public art project, Drawing Lines was commissioned in response to Austin's historic 10-1 political transformation from at-large to geographic representation. Embedding artists within the foundation of a rapidly changing, ever-evolving city, it's a project that explores how art itself, as a process, can be part of the conversation around Austin’s newly restructured 10-1 political system and examines the role of contemporary culture in the transition of place.

Music On Pearl

As a part of Asian Arts Initiative's Social Practice Lab, we worked with local students, neighbors, and artists to build invented instruments made from found and recycled materials from the neighborhood.  We installed these instruments in the Pearl Street Alleyway, culminating in a series of informal concerts and a community potluck.